My Mum Wants to Die

A 60 minute Radio 1 Story presented by Alice Levine.

24-year old Josh has recently discovered that, like his mum, he carries the Huntington’s Disease gene. Eventually Josh won’t be able to swallow, let alone play rugby, but he is adamant that both he and his mum will end their lives before the disease takes hold.

Currently, in the UK it is illegal to assist someone ending their life and a £30,000 trip to Dignitas in Switzerland is not an option Josh and his mum can afford. Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill is soon to re-enter Parliament, and Josh is campaigning for a change in the law, but what exactly would it mean?

We follow Josh on a journey to meet others with a range of views and experiences; including a young disability campaigner against the new law and a group of young medics who may have to assist their patients dying in the future.

Will Josh see the bigger picture and change his mind, or will he continue to fight for him and his mum to die with dignity on their terms?